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Name:nor shunned the sight of God or angel
Location:Seattle, United States of America
Fandom! I love it, and it is why I am here. I write for Narnia, mostly, and little snippets here and there for Merlin, Supernatural, Dr. Who, and Torchwood. I also read/follow/love all of those, especially the ones that I don't really write as much for, and I'll always be a fringe follower of Harry Potter fandom. My journal is fandom musing, fan fiction, and also random stuff about my life.

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30 rock, a starless sky, amy pond is awesome, amy/rory, anna/castiel, anna/narnia, anna/susan, atonement, avatar: the last airbender, bacchus, baking, bones, buffy, castiel, castiel/lucy, chronicles of narnia, chuck the trinity, classicism, climbing trees, commentfic, crossover, deadliest warrior, death and all his friends, dr. who, drawing, dubliners, everyone/everyone, exploring the library, fake history, generation kill, geology as art, gifts of chuck the spirit, glee, good omens, grey's anatomy, harry potter, history, house, ingrid michaelson, jacob'n'jimmmy brovorce, jason mraz, keane, lord of the rings, lucy/lucy(fer), manuscript culture, merlin, merlinarnia, metempsychosis, middle ages, misha collins, monarch/world, muse, novaks, oh my chuck, old books, orpheus, pilgrimage, planet earth, poetry, possession, pride & prejudice, queen, reading, regina spektor, religious history, rory needs a miracle, salt: a world history, shut it down, singing, soccer, stonehenge apocalypse, stonehenge is a trap, supernarnia, supernatural, team tardis, terry pratchett, the beatles, the english patient, the gospel of winchester, the killers, the oxford comma, torchwood, toy story completes me, true blood, ugly betty, vidding, vienna teng, worldbuilding, writing
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