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Doctor Who, Amy, "That sign said keep out!" "I could have sworn it said 'come see.'"
All her life, Amelia Pond has been told "no"; no, the Raggedy Doctor does not exist; no, her parents will not be coming home; no, she cannot travel the world. Now the Doctor has come to prove her right, to make her dreams and stories come alive, and she doesn't have to listen to anyone anymore. Amy Pond will not be told "no."

Harry Potter, Hermione, memories of war.
It's the oddest things that stick with her, afterwards - the smell of the tent, the number of minutes it took her to stop shaking after Ron was splinched (43 and a half), the taste of Bellatrix's Polyjuice Potion. The smoothness of the basilisk fang in her hand, and the layers of dirt on her clothes. Lavender Brown's expression as she bled out in the Great Hall.

Supernatural, Dean, left behind
"Just us now, buddy," Dad says as they drive off from Stanford, and he hasn't called Dean 'buddy' in years, but Dean understands the need to sink back into something old. There's too much forward movement right now, too much change, and neither John nor his elder son is used to change, especially not when it comes from Sammy. They're the ones driving away, but Dean can't shake the feeling that Sammy has left him behind.

Chronicles of Narnia, Ramandu's Daughter, the rose of battle
She sings the sun up each morning from within the walls of Cair Paravel, and in the spring she sows and in the autumn she harvests, and throughout the years she watches as her husband leads troops past her and brings them home again, brings some of them home again. When she cannot understand the ways of this land she escapes to the beach and the woods and the Centaurs, who show her how to read the skies as mortals do. She watches once-familiar stars dance strange steps, and reads in them cold doom.


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